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Infrastructure Maintenance Development department is under the Technical Division and maintains over two thousand five hundred yard Assets. These include production and safety related critical assets comprising of dock gates, cranes, compressor houses, workshop equipments etc. All assets are categorized by a unique asset code.  

The major sections within the department consist of Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Material Stores and Planning Office.
Beside undertaking core responsibilities of Asset Management, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdowns and Scheduled jobs, the department also undertakes Dock gate & pump house operations, Compressor house maintenance & operations, Projects & improvements, Measuring equipments calibration, Lifting equipment certification, Radio Maintenance, PCB repair, Major Equipments Certification through external third party, Small works like fabrication and welding, Material Handling and inventory. 

Some of the assets that are maintained by the department include various types of Cranes ranging from 5tons to 300tons (Dock Side, Tower Cranes, EOT, Goliath crane, etc.), Compressors, Pumps, Dock Arms, Dock Elevators, Services piping network, Dock Gates and Dock Equipments, Electrical sub stations & switchgears, Workshop machineries, Welding machines and fabrication panel line machines.