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Drydocks World – Dubai is a preferred yard for surface preparation and hull treatment due to its characteristic climatic conditions. The Hull Treatment Department has a highly efficient and well-trained team, which has completed numerous projects successfully. The Department has the facility for Work Preparation, Blasting & Painting, Drying, HT onboard, Store and Planning. It has at its disposal Grit Silos, Painting and Hydro-blasting equipment.

  • All vessels treated in the Yard are either grit blasted or hydro-blasted. Depending on the required preparation, hydro-blasting is carried out using 36,000 to 40,000 PSI.
  • Blasting is carried out using dry oil free air supplied by the compressor house; mobile compressors with dry oil free air are readily available when required.
    Miscellaneous items are blasted and coated within the blasting and painting sheds, which are self-sufficient.
  • For internal work, there are Dust Collectors and Vacuum Machines, which are used for Grit Blasting activities and De-Humidifiers, which are used both with Grit Blasting and Hydro-blasting activities control the relative humidity within the space being treated. Skilled Hydro-blasters execute the job to the clients’ satisfaction. 
  • The yard on an average is capable of handling Hull and IST treatment of over 1.7 million sq. m. annually.