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Drydocks World – Dubai Computer Data Center is equipped with advanced servers and data storage systems. A high bandwidth network infrastructure with extensive fibre optics cabling connects the Data center to all buildings within the large shipyard. The IT infrastructure has high redundancy built around to ensure maximum availability. Data security systems are deployed to mitigate security threats and provide secure reliable services. Latest backup systems coupled with recovery procedures ensure business continuity is maintained at all times.

Yard operations are highly computerized with PCs and CAD workstations. A bespoke ERP system provides business users with round the clock, up-to-date information and ensures timely preparation of invoices. Advanced Project Management software is used for planning and decision-making. Sophisticated software is used in new building and conversion projects. Mariner software is used for managing data.

The data center is fully equipped with Internet access, centralized electronic mail and fax systems. As a value added service, customers are provided with separate network and high-speed Internet facilities free of cost.