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The marine and cranes department offers extensive support to all production activities. The department is divided into rigging and marine sections. The former is responsible for the movement of heavy pieces of equipment and material in the yard and on and from vessels. They have at their disposal chain-blocks, air hoists, wire-slings, shackles and cranes. Riggers assist during vessel manoeuvres as well. The department maintains the yard’s cranes ranging in capacities from 15 to 120 tonnes.

The shipyard’s floating crane has a lifting capacity of 2000 tonnes and a lift height of 70 metres. Ten rail cranes are installed throughout the yard and 120-tonnes cranes cover all docks. Ten tower cranes are fixed around the yard to assist fabrication on welding planes and assembly areas.

Riggers help the yard’s mechanics, platers and electricians. A rigger shop has test beds to tests crane and slings. Highly skilled riggers are involved in maneuvering large blocks of steel, weighing in excess of hundreds of tonnes. The deck cranes help in handling materials on board.

The department handles marine maneuvers in accordance with schedules agreed to at production meetings. It maintains five tugs and two mooring launches, which serve as runners during maneuvers for the movement of pontoons, work boats and personnel transport.