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The Materials department has Main Stores, Purchasing, Material Control and Logistics sections and ensures that material is readily available for production.
The shipyard’s stores are well stocked at all times. The 5400sq.m, covered warehouse has an air-conditioned storage area of 144 sq.m and dry room of 108sq.m to store electrodes. In addition, 16,300 sq. m. of open storage space is available to store steel plates, profiles, pipes and other heavy items. A section of each of the above storage spaces is set aside to store customer-supplied material for ongoing projects.

The Main Store stocks over 15,000 line items of material to service the requirements of the ship repair business and shipbuilding activities. This includes over 20,000 tons of steel plates and steel profiles.
The Purchasing section looks after the procurement of all material and service needs of the yard including ship repair and new building business.

The Material Control section looks after quality aspects and inventory control. The target is to have a service level of 96% on stocked items at all times.

The Logistics section looks after movement of materials - both ordered by the yard as well as customer supplied - from different parts of the world until they are Customs cleared and delivered to the yard.