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Eagle Texas & Eagle Louisiana
Owner/Client: MWCC, AET

The Eagle Louisiana and Eagle Texas are delivered from Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Corporation in June 2011 and September 2011.  Drydocks World will convert the two AFRA Max tankers to allow each to serve as a “Modular Capture Vessel” (MCV), when required under AET’s contract with Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC).

Main Particulars 



243.8 / 237.0 m

Breadth / Depth

42.0 / 21.3 m

Scant / Design draught

14.55 / 12.19 m

DWT at Scant / Design

107,480 / 85,180 MT


60,379 / 32,114

Service speed

15.6 knots

Cruising range

24,000 nm

 The conversion and modification comprises of the following main elements to:

·         Installation of four (4) retractable, azimuth thrusters and one tunnel bow thruster in newly fabricated compartments in the fore and aft ends of the cargo section.

·         Fabrication and installation of a new machinery space above the poop deck and installation of four (4) diesel generator sets and associated tanks, auxiliaries, switchboards, and electrical distribution equipment

·         Replacement of the ship’s propeller with a controllable pitch propeller and modification of main engine for CPP operation

·         Installation of a control system comprising of dynamic positioning, power management and equipment monitoring and control

·         Fabrication and installation of support stools and foundations for future installation of topsides processing modules, turret, flare tower, communications, control facilities and miscellaneous equipment

·         Modifications to the ship’s systems to provide services to topsides processing equipment

·         Fabrication of a new main deck central pipe rack and installation of permanent piping to support topsides processing equipment

·         Modification of the ship‘s living quarters and support systems to accommodate additional personnel when required

·         Mechanical Completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning, testing and sea trials of the converted vessel