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A large, modern and well-equipped Mechanical shop handles different kinds of mechanical jobs onboard. The high standard of quality of services offered by the workshop has been well received by the industry.

Modern, versatile machines have been added to enhance capacity, capability and quality. The shop is well known for specialized handling of different type of machinery.

A dedicated workshop for governors, fuel pumps and injectors is capable of handling mechanical jobs on diesel engines, turbines, turbo chargers, pumps, compressors, fans, cow machines, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, heat exchangers, valves, winches, windlass and cranes.

A highly qualified lead team supervises a workforce of 100 experienced rudder and propeller fitters. This section is the authorized workshop (workstation) for Blohm & Voss and Cedervall Seal in the Middle East.

The shop houses an extensive range of equipment including one of the world’s largest ram borers, a 20 meter shaft lathe, a 20 tonne balancing machine and a sophisticated modern milling machine. Special portable machines are also available to do boring and milling on site.

The mechanical workshop has a modern cryogenic workshop covering an area of 320 sq. m. and is equipped with a Single Girder EOT crane of 5 tonne lifting capacity and height of 11.5 meters and two jib cranes 5.5 meters long of 2 tonne lifting capacity. The workshop will have a sophisticated nitrogen based valve testing facility.