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The New Building facility is modern, highly advanced and well equipped. The New Building Hydrolift facility is designed to launch vessels or parts of vessels or steel structures to a maximum size of 120m (Length) and 55m (Breadth) with a maximum draught of 4m and weighing up to 15,000 tonnes. The Hydrolift launching facility, built over an area of 26,500 sq. metres, can also be used to dock vessels for repair or conversion.
The facility has been upgraded a number of times to suit demand and production requirements, by the introduction of new state-of-the-art equipment such as edge profiling, and a stiffener welding station and a stiffener finishing station. The land area of the New Building site will also be increased to address the increased demand.  

The New Building facility comprises of
  • 2x2 Transporters – (200 tonnes capacity each can be combined in two configurations to give a 400 tonnes maximum capacity)
  • Outfitting area:
    Grand Assembly area: 16,500 sq.m covered by a 300 tones capacity gantry crane.
    Panel Assembly area: 14,400 sq.m. serviced by crawler/mobile cranes.
    Launching Facility: Hydra-lift system of 26,500 sq. m.