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Client:  Saipem SpA for Offshore LNG Toscana
Project:  LNG carrier Golar Frost to FSRU Toscana
Project Status:  Ongoing
Project Scope: 
  • Structural fabrication and installation of aft thruster compartment, crane foundations, bilge keel, lay down area and equipment foundations.
  • Blasting and coating of external hull, deck and outfitting.
  • Installing cryogenic piping work and insulation.
  • Installing loading arms, re-gasification module, nitrogen module and cargo pumps.
  • Upgrading of cooling water system, N2 system, and modification of Fuel Oil system.
  • Removal of rudder, steering system and bow thruster and installing an azimuth thruster.
  • Installing wave monitoring and berthing system.
  • Installing new Fire & Gas alarm system and Public Address & Communication system in new compartments/modules.
  • Upgrading power generation system, lighting including the installation of two turbo generators.
  • Fabricating, installing and integrating forward external turret.