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Sand Suction Dredger

Umm Sequeim is a sand suction dredger, built at Dubai that has been used by some of the prestigious hotels and resorts in Dubai to maintain the surrounding beaches. The specifications are:

  • L 40m x B 10m X D 3m
  • Hopper capacity sand 2t/m3 – 250m3
  • Loading capacity – 2.35m
  • Pump rate – 450m3/hr
  • Maximum dredge depth – 16m

Liquid-cooled Induction Heating System

The liquid-cooled induction heating system is designed for pre-heating, hydrogen bake-out and stress relieving applications till a maximum temperature of 1450oF (788oC). Liquid-cooled heating cables are versatile tools for preheating pipes of different diameters. The system offers unique advantages in that it provides uniform heat around the circumference of a high strength pipe and induces rapid heat in plates. The time to set up is considerably less, as is the weld cycle time.

Heavy Load Air-slide Transfer System

The heavy load transfer system consists of 36 Air-slide tandem modules, which lift loads with a total of 36 hydraulic jacks up to a stroke of 920mm (lift 900mm + 20mm for leveling) from a central control unit. The total lifting and transfer capacity is 8,280 tones.

Transferring the load horizontally is executed in fluid bed mode at a stroke of 100mm. The load is shifted on 72 Air Slide Plates (ASP) on 6 support rails with a nitrogen pressure of up to 31 bar in the main chamber.

General Information

Maximum weight of vessel/off-shore structure – 8,280 tones
Maximum admissible load per ATM unit – 230 tones
Travel speed – 0.5 – 0.7 m/min
The transfer system was used to transfer sections of the twin 16,500 tones semi-submersible rig hulls that were built at the yard.


Heavy Duty Rolling Machine

The heavy-duty steel plate-rolling machine has a capacity to roll steel plates up to 115 mm thick. The minimum diameter of a rolled plate is 900 mm and length is 3050 mm.

Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine


  • Round Tubing Mild Steel 120mm X 8.6mm Dia
  • Round Tubing Stainless Steel 120mm X 4.0mm Dia
  • Square Tubing Mild Steel 75mm X 3mm
  • Accuracy of the Bend Axis +/-0.2deg
  • Accuracy of Length +/-0.5mm
  • Accuracy of Rotation +/-0.2deg
  • It is equipped with standard CNC control and Etranspro V2 Kolli collision programme