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Building strong relationships with our contractors and suppliers is essential to delivering new projects and running our operations. We recognize and select them for their commitment and expertise in areas that include innovation, safety, quality and sustainability.
We use a global system to pre-qualify suppliers invited for upcoming contracts. The Supplier Qualification System (SQS) is designed to collect and store information on suppliers invited to work with Drydocks World Dubai.

SQS forms part of the internal process we use to pre-qualify suppliers for upcoming contracts. It provides a standard and streamlined approach to the pre-qualification process and ensures that suppliers complete relevant assessments.

Hence, the registration application shall be reviewed and assessed by Drydocks concerned authorities. Upon this a decision shall be made, then the vendor shall be informed about his application status.

In case of approval on the application, the vendor shall be added by the system to the data base of approved vendors, then vendor shall be invited to bids/tenders according to the authorized prequalification category.
How to apply?
If you have not registered yet, you can do so via our online registration
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If you have any questions about the Supplier Qualification System and registration process,