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Drydocks World – Dubai will manage the ship-lifts facility at Dubai Maritime City. The facility will address the repair needs of small to medium size vessel owners, widening the repair portfolio of the yard.

The capabilities are as follows:
Dock1:            Ship lift of 3000 tonnes 
Total 31 berths – 100 m long
(Eight berths are used for two Rail cradles of 7m and the remaining for four Rail cradles of 12m)

 Dock 2:           Ship lift of 6000 tonnes
Total 11 berths - 150m long
      (All berths are used for 6 Rail cradles of 20m) 


 Wet berths:    740m long for ship lifts of 3000 tonnes 
590m long for ship lifts of 6000 tonnes

Drydocks World – Dubai is operating the ship lift facility at Jadaf near Dubai Creek. The yard has two ship lifts capable of lifting vessels up to 2500 tonnes.